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Introducing the TECCHED Project

TECCHED is a higher education Erasmus Plus project about Designing a Technology-enhanced Climate Change Education Curriculum for initial teacher training courses. The project is coordinated by the University of Ruse Angel Kanchev in Bulgaria. There are 7 partners involved in the project – find out more about the partners  climate graph image

Project context

The EU, in planning the transition to a carbon-free economy by 2050, has made a trillion euro call for climate crisis management and prevention. Empowerment of knowledge and individuals is stated as a horizontal goal to ensure that individuals take action on climate change for sustainable development and environmental protection through education, citizen science, observation initiatives, and civic participation. In this context, the development of education and training programs and the exchange of good practices are supported.

Aims and Objectives

The TECCHED project, aims to develop a technology-supported climate change curriculum to support the development of ‘character and values’ of teacher trainees. The purpose is to support the quality of teacher education by fostering the affective domains of preservice teachers concerning informed decision making about climate change.

TECCHED aims at increasing techno pedagogical skills and digital competencies of faculty members in teacher education programs and to train them how to foster the ‘character and values’ of preservice teachers to make informed decisions as global citizens. In line with this goal, it is planned to teach digital competencies that will enable technology integration into lessons in the teaching of the sub-dimensions of climate change and ‘character and values’. satellite image

The lack of a curriculum designed to foster affective domains such as ‘character and values’ of teacher candidates constitutes an important gap in the literature (Bush et al.2016). The project includes technology integration in education, which is a necessity of the digital age, and innovative practices, as it focuses on climate change, which is the most important global and ecological problem of this century. In addition, an open-access digital learning platform will be developed to increase faculty members’ pedagogical competencies teaching this subject.

The objectives of the TECCHED project are;:-
– to design and implement a technology-enhanced climate change curriculum to fight against climate change for excellence in teacher education programs that foster the development of skills and values for 21st century responsible citizenry. –
– to teach scientific knowledge about climate change and foster ‘character and values’ development of teachers regarding climate change supported by appropriate pedagogical approaches and technologies.
– to design the curriculum for technology-enhanced teaching of climate change that fosters character and values development in education faculties,
– to prepare an interactive enriched book and a digital learning platform for faculty members to learn the curriculum and the digital learning platform, and to evaluate its effectiveness.

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