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TECCHED: a technology-driven educational climate change curriculum

Scientists and scholars from Ege University are embarking on a visionary initiative to craft a technology-driven educational curriculum focused on the pressing issue of climate change.

Against the backdrop of Ege University’s recent commitment to being a green and sustainable institution, distinguished for hosting impactful projects, the university has enthusiastically endorsed a new endeavour led by academics dedicated to addressing climate change

The project entitled “Designing a Technology-enhanced Climate Change Education Curriculum (TECCHED),” specifically centres around integrating technology into climate change education.

Notably, the project has earned funding from the Bulgarian National Agency under the Erasmus + KA220- Collaboration Partnerships in the Field of Higher Education call.

Multidisciplinary project with international partners

This ambitious, multidisciplinary project involves collaboration among five universities spanning Turkey, Bulgaria, Latvia, and Lithuania. Additionally, a non-profit organization from Belgium and a small and medium-sized enterprise from Spain are integral contributors to this international consortium. Find out more about the partners

The overarching goal of this two-year initiative is to meticulously formulate a technology-enhanced curriculum for climate change education.

This curriculum is strategically designed to influence the character and value development within pre-service teacher education programs.

As part of the project’s comprehensive approach, an interactive book and a cutting-edge digital learning platform will be meticulously crafted to augment the educational experience. Find out more about the resultsĀ 

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