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On the road in the green direction

“On the road in the green direction” is the theme of the first 2024 issue of the magazine “Energetics-Electrical Energy Perspectives

The new issue of the Bulgarian magazine ” Energy – Electricity foreshortenings” was published under the motto “On the road in the green direction”.

The keynote articles present the conversations with the member of the European Parliament Tsvetelina Penkova and the vice-chairman of the Bulgarian Energy and Mining Forum Anton Ivanov, dealing with the preparation progress of the Energy Strategy and the update of the Integrated Plan in the field of energy and climate. Researchers and professors from universities, eminent experts from practice, members of the public, etc. also participated in the discussion on how to walk the path in the green direction.

The issue also includes the section “With care for nature”, presenting the initiative of energy companies and non-governmental organisations to preserve the fauna in Bulgaria. The experience of environmentalists to create a new forest in the area of Sofia, Bulgaria is presented.