TECCHED enriched book information event

teachersOn April 15th 2024, the University of Ruse hosted an information event to present the developed electronic-based interactive book created by the TECCHED project – “Developing a Curriculum for Climate Change Based on Modern Technologies”.

The event was attended by students and professors from disciplines: Pedagogy, Ecology and Environmental Conservation, Business and Management, etc.

The meeting was opened by the project manager Prof. Dr. Nikola Mikhailov, DHC. Dr. Tsvetelin Georgiev presented the developed curriculum and e-book embedded in the activities of the TECCHED project. Doc. Dr. Seher Kadirova presented the section “Carbon footprint and personal lifestyle choice”.

Assoc. Dr. Tsvetelina Georgieva then introduced participants to “Extreme Meteorological Events, Infrastructure Damage, Power Supply”.

At the end of the event, a discussion was held on the presented information materials. Participants completed a survey for feedback and impressions related to the information provided.

The interactive book contains chapters on content knowledge about climate; the causes of climate change’ the effects of climate change and mitigation and adaptation.

See the interactive book