Interactive enriched book on climate change published

e-book imageThe TECCHED project has designed and produced an technology-supported climate change enriched book  dealing with the teacher training curriculum researched in partner universities and prepared earlier in the project.

The enriched book explicitly targets the development of character and values, while increasing the TPACK of faculty members for teaching climate change.

TPACK is a framework that emphasizes the integration of technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge to enhance teaching and learning experiences

TPACK diagRAMTPACK (Mishra & Koehler, 2006) is a model for thinking about teaching knowledge and how the different types of knowledge a teacher has about the content they are teaching, the ways they teach the content, and the tools they use to support how they teach.

The model seeks to go beyond all three “core” components (content, pedagogy, and technology). Technological pedagogical content knowledge is an understanding that emerges from interactions among content, pedagogy, and technology knowledge.

There are 4 chapter headings defined in the curriculum:
Content knowledge
– Causes of change
– Effects of change
– Mitigation and adaptation.

A broad range of issues are covered from policy making to dealing with drought; human health to biodiversity loss;  greenhouse effect and consumption; and carbon footprint to sustainable  solutions.

With this book, the researched needs of faculty members are being met by the creation of open access teaching materials.

The enriched book content can also be used by teachers in their own classrooms and by pre-service teachers in their lessons at their internship schools, both in technology-supported face-to-face environments and through distance education.

This enriched book serves as interactive materials for educators to teach the topic of climate change.

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