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European Green Competence Framework published

The development of a European sustainability competence framework GreenComp  is one of the key education policy actions set out in the European Green Deal. This seeks to act as a catalyst to promote learning on environmental sustainability in the European Union.

GreenComp identifies a set of twelve sustainability competences to feed into education programmes to help learners develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote ways to think, plan and take action.greencomp

The GreenComp competences are organised into four inter-related ‘areas’, applicable to learners all ages, education levels and settings:
– embodying sustainability values,
– embracing complexity in sustainability,
– envisioning sustainable futures, and
– acting for sustainability.

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GreenComp is a reference model for sustainability competences. It provides a common basis to learners and guidance to educators and institutions. It can be used by everyone involved in lifelong learning to design learning opportunities aimed at developing sustainability competences.

GreenComp fosters a sustainability mindset by helping users develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to think, plan and act with empathy, responsibility and care for our planet.

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GreenComp can be readily applied to the TECCHED curriculum approach to climate change education for teacher training.