Climate Action

Climate action has emerged as the most important issue that has social and scientific foundations, related to the rapidly increasing human-induced industrial and technological activities. 

EU Climate Action Policy involves citizens into action “Climate change concerns all of us, and everyone can take action for the climate.” (Climate change and you | Climate Action,

Climate is one of the sustainable development goals which needs to be incorporated into universities’ curriculum development. TECCHED will seek to help university partners to meet the climate action goals.

In line with the EU Green Deal presented by the EC in December 2019, the EU aims to be climate neutral in 2050. With this Green Deal initiative, climate literacy has become a focal goal of education at every age level in Europe. 

At university level, teacher education programs have the potential to have a broad impact as they educate future teachers who during their careers will have an impact on many thousands of school students, helping them make informed decisions to mitigate climate change.