Project aims and objectives

The aim of TECCHED is to design and implement a technology-enhanced global climate change curriculum for teacher education programs that fosters the development of character and values. 

TECCHED objectives are;

– to design and implement a technology-enhanced climate change curriculum to fight against climate change for excellence in teacher education programs that foster the development of skills and values for 21st century responsible citizenship.

– to teach scientific knowledge about climate change and foster ‘character and values’ development of teachers regarding climate change supported by appropriate pedagogical approaches and technologies.

– to design the curriculum for technology-enhanced teaching of climate change that fosters character and values development in education faculties,

– to prepare an interactive enriched book and a digital learning platform for faculty members to learn the curriculum and the digital learning platform, and to evaluate its effectiveness.

With TECCHED, the project aims to increase the pedagogical competencies of university faculty members, so that they are equipped to teach pre-service teachers about the importance of character and values for mitigating the effects of climate change. 

These preservice teachers are expected to transfer their skills to their future students and bring about change. This way, they help fight against climate change. 

Meeting the demands of a technology-enhanced curriculum encourages faculty members working at teacher education programs to increase their technological pedagogical content knowledge, their self-efficacies and the cognitive structures to improve their “skills development and reward their excellence”.