Target Groups

The main target group of the TECCHED project is university faculty members, working in education and teacher training departments. 

An initial review of literature has indicated that these faculty members lack resources and technologies to support the teaching of this subject. Furthermore, in higher education, pre-service teachers lack the development of character and values for them to engage with meaningful and informed decision-making about climate change (Choi et al. 2011). 

Furthermore, earlier ERASMUS projects mostly focused on teaching this subject at primary or secondary levels, leaving higher education somewhat unexplored. Therefore, improving the technological pedagogical content knowledge of faculty members working at colleges of education will be important so that they can transfer their skills and knowledge to their preservice teachers. 

Another gap in the literature regarding climate change teaching was related to the lack of experience of primary and secondary level teachers during their university-level education. They indicated that they mostly obtained their knowledge about climate change from their peers, news channels, and social media before they teach it in their own classrooms. 

This indicates a need for an alternative curricular approach and university-level direct teaching of the subject so that the teachers of the future can be educated.