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Climate Change Awareness Rising in Spain, but Challenges Remain in Education

Awareness on the Rise:climate demo photo

Movements such as Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion have gained strength in Spain, leading to protests and demanding concrete actions to combat climate change.

Gradual Integration into the School Curriculum:

Climate change education has begun to be integrated into school curricula, albeit gradually and variably among different regions of the country. An interdisciplinary approach is observed, addressing not only the scientific aspects, but also the economic, social and ethical aspects associated with the problem.

Specific Educational Programs:

biblio photoSome educational institutions and NGOs have implemented specific programs to raise awareness and educate students about climate change. The programs often include hands-on activities and projects to encourage the active participation of young people in the fight against global warming.

An example of such programs is “Bibliokepos” which brings the topic to debate in different libraries in Seville. Another example of this growing awareness of climate change is that even the medical community is calling for climate change training to be included in medical degrees in Spain.


Medical training on climate change

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Raising Climate Change Awareness


The TEMA Foundation is a non-governmental organisation whose aim is to raise awareness of environmental and nature issues in Turkey. The Foundation undertakes various initiatives to provide children with knowledge and awareness about an important issue such as climate change. TEMA web page

The foundation enables children to take an active role in climate change by organising various events and projects in schools. Thanks to these activities, students have the opportunity to increase their environmental awareness by participating in activities to protect nature.

The main initiative that the TEMA Foundation carries out in schools is the “Environmentally Friendly School” project. This project assesses the level of environmental awareness of schools and provides support for the dissemination of environmentally friendly practises.

The TEMA Foundation has created a digital platform called the Climate Change Education Portal for children and young people to educate themselves about climate change. This portal is accessible online and can be used free of charge.

The Climate Change Education Portal was developed to inform children and young people about climate change, raise awareness and encourage them to take action.TEMA platform for children

The portal aims to capture the attention of students with interactive and entertaining content.

The content of the portal includes basic information such as what climate change is, its causes and effects, as well as topics such as actions that can be taken to combat climate change, sustainable energy sources and recycling. There are also various events, games and videos on the portal.

The climate change education portal is designed as a resource that teachers and parents can also use. Teachers can use the portal’s materials in their lessons and help students raise awareness about climate change. Teachers also receive a certificate at the end of the training.

Parents can explore the portal with their children and establish opportunities to talk about climate change and share information. This is an important step in raising awareness about climate change in schools.

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