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Using digital climate data in schools

“Climate change concerns all of us, and everyone can take action for the climate” (European Commission, 2020).

Our planet is experiencing significant and accelerated change caused by greenhouse gases emitted by human activities. We are gathering significant scientific data looking to understand and then seek solutions to the problem.

Understanding the causes, effects and implications of climate change needs to be central to school education. ttf logo

Teach The Future (TTF) is an Eraqsmus Plus project has been designed to promote a highly relevant educational approach to climate change education, by applying open science and open data principles to the framework of a digital citizenship educational paradigm.

The Teach the Future project fits closely with the aims of the TECCHED project as young people are deeply concerned about the climate crisis. Many are angry that action is still not being taken when it is their future at stake.

Launched with the vision to integrate climate education into school curricula, this project has far exceeded its initial goals, fundamentally reshaping how climate change is taught in classrooms. Explore the pedagogical report on climate education

At the heart of the project are a set of innovative resources and methodologies developed for educators and providing access to authentic climate data in dashboards of histoical temperature and precipitation and future forecasts of the predicted temperatures across the globe. These resources demonstrate the warming climate. Visit the digital climate data dashboardsdashboard global predicted temperature

Recognizing the multidisciplinary nature of climate change, “Teach the Future” has crafted a diverse array of teaching materials. These range from interactive games that engage students in environmental stewardship, to comprehensive lesson plans that weave climate awareness into subjects like science, geography, and even literature.  Find out more about the project results

Understanding that change begins with educators, the project has placed significant emphasis on teacher training to effectively communicate the complexities of climate change. Visit the onlione teacher training course

training modules imageThe project’s legacy includes a network of informed and enthusiastic educators, ready to inspire a new generation of environmentally conscious students.

Looking ahead, the success of “Teach the Future” serves as a blueprint for future educational initiatives.

Since the focus of the project is equipping educators and students with new skills, it is demonstrated that with the right tools and commitment, schools can play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable future. Visit the teacher stories from the project