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Partners publish first TECCHED videos

TECCHED is an Erasmus Plus project that aims to design and implement a technology-enhanced global climate change curriculum for teacher education programs that fosters the development of character and values.

In order to achieve this, TECCHED has;

– designed and started to implement a technology-enhanced climate change curriculum in partner universdities. The purpose is to raise awareness in teacher education programs of the importance of fighting against climate change. The curriculum seeks to foster the development of skills and values for responsible and active citizenship.tecched video image

– produced resources in an interactive e-book that helps teach scientific knowledge about climate change and which foster ‘character and values’ development of student teachers regarding climate change. This is supported by appropriate pedagogical approaches and valuable tools and technologies through a technology cataloguue.

– design the curriculum for technology-enhanced teaching of climate change that fosters character and values development in education faculties,

The ‘character and values’ help individuals to make responsible decisions about global socio-scientific issues such as climate change. They include developing an ecological worldview (humans are embedded in the environment), socio-scientific accountability by taking socio political actions, social and moral compassion (feeling empathy and respect for others.

The work of partners has been highlighted by short videos of the work of partners in meetings and sessions with staff and students. Go to the videos

TECCHED enriched book information event

teachersOn April 15th 2024, the University of Ruse hosted an information event to present the developed electronic-based interactive book created by the TECCHED project – “Developing a Curriculum for Climate Change Based on Modern Technologies”.

The event was attended by students and professors from disciplines: Pedagogy, Ecology and Environmental Conservation, Business and Management, etc.

The meeting was opened by the project manager Prof. Dr. Nikola Mikhailov, DHC. Dr. Tsvetelin Georgiev presented the developed curriculum and e-book embedded in the activities of the TECCHED project. Doc. Dr. Seher Kadirova presented the section “Carbon footprint and personal lifestyle choice”.

Assoc. Dr. Tsvetelina Georgieva then introduced participants to “Extreme Meteorological Events, Infrastructure Damage, Power Supply”.

At the end of the event, a discussion was held on the presented information materials. Participants completed a survey for feedback and impressions related to the information provided.

The interactive book contains chapters on content knowledge about climate; the causes of climate change’ the effects of climate change and mitigation and adaptation.

See the interactive book

climate change banner image

E-book on climate change presented

photo On March 16 2024 the e-book presentation event of the Erasmus+ KA220 program project TECHCHED “Technology Enhanced Climate Change Curriculum Design” was held at the Education Academy of Vytautas Magnus University.

The aim of the international cooperation project is to provide educators with effective teaching/learning tools to solve global challenges.

An innovative, technology-based climate change education competency development program for educators and pedagogy students, lesson plans, a digital book, and a learning platform have been created.

The TECCHED project outputs pay special attention to the development of values.meeting photo

The project event was attended by students and teachers of the English language, ethics, and history modules of the Vytautas Magnus University Education Academy’s teacher retraining studies: Assoc. Dr. Linas Jašinauskas, Heather Gaddis Godfrey, doc. Dr. Augustinas Dainys, prof. Dr. Leta Dromantienė, Danguolė Bylaitė-Šalavėjienė, prof. Dr. Giedrė Kvieskienė, Vilma Leonavičienė.

The Erasmus+ KA220 initiative TECHCHED “Technology Enhanced Climate Change Curriculum Design” is supported by the European Commission. This international project is implemented by Vytautas the Great University (Lithuania), Ruse University (Bulgaria), EUROGEO (Belgium), EOLAS (Spain), Liepaja University (Latvia), Bitlis Eren University (Turkey), Ege University (Turkey).

Find out more about TECCHED : Designing a Technology-enhanced Climate Change Education Curriculum

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