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Preparation for designing a technology-enhanced climate change education curriculum started with the TECCHED Project

partner meeting The Erasmus+ KA220 initiative, “Technology Enhanced Climate Change Curriculum Design” (TECCHED), supported by the European Commission, brings together leading higher education institutions Ruse University, Liepaja University, Vytauto Didziojo University, Bitlis Eren University, Ege University, as well as EOLAS and EUROGEO. Find out more about the partnersĀ 

Target Audience: University Faculty Members Working in Teacher Training Departments

This collaborative project targets university faculty members in Teacher Training Departments. Its primary goal is to develop an innovative, technology-driven curriculum for climate change education that nurtures character and values in preservice teachers.meeting brussels

The project began by assessing the understanding of climate change among preservice teachers and the needs of faculty members. This extensive approach involved 60 preservice teachers from four countries and featured in-depth focus group discussions with 20 faculty members.

The project’s outcome will be a technology-enhanced climate change curriculum, an enriched book, and a digital learning platform for educators.

A pivotal moment in Brussels led to the decision to create an e-book accessible to all stakeholders.

Ultimately, TECCHED promises to transform climate change education, equipping future teachers with the knowledge and tools to effectively address this global challenge.

Find out more about the project resultsĀ